Money Transfer


ASAAS money transfer services enables you to transfer funds through secure channels to almost all Banks in India. It enables walk-in customers and clients who do not hold bank account, to remit funds to other Bank accounts anywhere in India. You are no more restricted by the limited banking hours. ASAAS money transfer is an approved payment system by Reserve Bank of India.


Special Features of ASAAS Money Transfer

  • Secure Payment System
  • Fund Transfer of any value
  • Prompt Transfer of funds to Beneficiary’s account
  • Proficient Customer Service
  • Minimal Transfer Fees


 Who can Benefit:

  • Senior citizens - No more standing in long Bank queues
  • Minors – Parents can easily transfer money to children studying at different locations
  • Working couples - Send money to your near and dears without stepping out from your offices
  • Business payments – whether you are a traders or a high profile business owner, you can now transfer money to your vendors without any limit on amount or time, as per the stipulated guidelines
  • Almost anyone who would wants to transfer money from the comfort of their home or work place